Search homes in Redding real estateRedding property has been transformed into a wonderland of vibrant beauty. Located in Turtle Bay Exploration Park, The McConnell Arboretum and Gardens houses vast varieties of plants and flowers designed in individual garden plots. Each section is inspired and carefully crafted. In addition to the gardens, hundreds of acres of Redding property are open for hiking. Exploration can lead to the Sacramento River Trail.

Visitors stroll happily about the grounds. Mediterranean Gardens spotlight international lands. Travel into the Australian Garden to see what plants thrive down under. The South African and Chilean Gardens are beautifully done as well. Locals replicate in their own landscapes plants and flowers showcased in the California Garden.

Light Hearted Fun Awaits Those Who Live In Redding In The Children’s Garden

Charming water features encourage light hearted spirit in the Children’s Garden. Wandering about the Medicinal Garden guests get a glimpse of plants with medicinal qualities. Creatively outlined in the shape of a human body each zone represents organs positively affected by the plants showcased.

Entrance to the McConnell Arboretum and Gardens can be found a bit west of Turtle Bay’s Sundial Bridge. Tables are set up nicely in the Quarry Patio Garden near the entrance. Alongside sits a staging area for entertainment and restroom facilities. Food and beverage kiosks are also located here for those seeking snacks.


 Aspiring gardeners who live in Redding stop into the nursery for additions to their own plantings. Species available are vast including perennials, ornamental grasses and California natives. More information about nursery hours and seasonal selections can be found here.